If everything last this long

The washing machine is due for retirement already. We’ve overworked him. The washing machine has been with us for so long, I can’t really remember when we got it. I only remember playing inside the box that comes with the washing machine. That is damn bloody long. Although it is still working, it create loud noise sometimes. Maybe it is complaining that it has already pass the age of retirement. Maria say she saw a 7kg washing machine selling at $438. I think I’m going to foot the full bill since Maria is getting married end this year. No point asking her to share the cost. She won’t be using it anyway.

My computer monitor is giving problem. It requires some “warm up” before it shows anything on the screen. And the warm up time ranges from 10 sec to 30 minutes, depending on its moods. I have no complaints here. After all, this philip monitor has been with me for 5 years already. My previous monitors never last more than 3 years. Maybe it is due to my heavy usage. Its about time I let the monitor retire and get a new one. Still thinking if I should get a 17 inch or 19 inch LCD monitor. 17 inch cost $449. If I add another $50, I can get a huge 19 inch.

Then my wireless mouse decide to give me problem. It has been showing problem few days ago when the scroll wheel go haywire. It will scroll by itself!! But after a few knocking, it went back to normal. Today, it decided to give more problem. The buttons go haywire this time together with the scroll wheel. So I get auto scroll and auto click.

Maybe it has been influenced by the monitor. After all, they are sitting side by side. But 1 thing that the mouse forgot is that, unlike the monitor, it is small and wireless. There is nothing I can do to the monitor when it decided that it need more warm up time. The monitor is so big and has wires. But the mouse is different. Small and wireless. Got so fed up with it that I threw it on the floor and took out my laptop mouse to use.

Never play punk with me if you are small, wireless and replaceable.

If only everything last half as long as this lightbulb. 104 years and still counting…..

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  1. Burn pocket this cny yeh?
    our house getting new furnituree. i bot the vacummn cleaner, and shared the cost of the bookshelf. and will be sharing the cost of the table for our object of worship.



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