The Mighty "Neh Neh" Mouse

Someone told me to go get the Mighty “Neh Neh” Mouse after reading that my mouse gave up on me.

The Mighty “Neh Neh” Mouse looks good. Nice curves, can squeeze the side and have a nice “nipple” scroller. Will look good when placed beside my IBM Thinkpad which has a red “nipple” in the middle.

Which guy doesn’t like nipples cool gagdets? But here is a problem. It comes with a $88 price tag. And its not wireless. How am I suppose to throw it on the ground if it fails me few years down the road?

Decided to give it a miss. Maybe I’ll consider if Apple comes out with a Wireless Might “Neh Neh” Mouse. In the meantime, I got myself a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse. No fancyful Nipples. Just a scroll wheel that can go 4 direction. YAWN…. so boring….

But it’s wireless :). Can throw on the floor if it fails me. Hahahaha……
(Hanging the cold lifeless body of my previous mouse next to the new mouse…… you better behave or you will end up no better than him….. *evil laugh*)


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