My Lappy and me.

I keep bringing my laptop out when I go shopping alone recently. Some people might ask me, why the heck I bring my laptop out for when I’m shopping alone?

I suppose I’ll feel tired from shopping and want to find a nice coffee place to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee. But it would look weird sitting alone drinking coffee. That is why I bring my lappy along. He is my excuse for drinking coffee alone, I suppose. You look weird sitting alone drinking kopi. But nobody will find you weird if you drink coffee alone and stare at a laptop. (pretending to check office email and look busy, machim like some mobile warrior. But actually I’m updating my blog and bloghopping)

My Oasis is gone. The WIFI network there is almost non-existance and the place is always crowded lately. Moved my fat ass to wheellock place kopibean. The problem with wheellock place kopibean is that the WIFI network is quite unreliable. And the place is rather small, thus finding seat is rather hard. Everything depends on luck when you are out alone. You never need to worry about finding seats if you have company.

I was at wheellock place kopibean last friday. Found a nice table at a corner. Next to me were 2 bloggers whom I’ve visited their blogs before and seen their photos. But I fail to recognize them. Just find her….. eeeerrr….. familar. Got a feeling that she is a blogger. JUST cannot recall who is she.

*Slap forehead*


  1. NYDC is good. But it is always crowded. Feel paiseh staying inside and WIFI-ing for too long while others are waiting for a seat.

    How I wish I could have a iBook. 🙂

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