I’m serious when I said I’m going to pack my Full Battle Order just now. For those who don’t know, Full Battle Order (FBO) means the fullpack, the bra SBO and helmet. The fullpack will contain things like uniform, sock, torchlight, lighter etc etc etc. (Cannot say too much about the contents. Wait terrorist know what we have in our fullpack)

I’m not packing my FBO because that Pavin fellow pissed me off. I pack my FBO because I’m on Alert Manning this week. In short, mobilisation. You know, when your TV flash a logo of a army man standing and got some code word 1. Ya, if this weekend got army man logo on TV, 90% is me going back camp.

Mobilisation exercise is usually done on weekend. If you see the army man on tv during weekday, you can be sure something bad happen. Anyway, we reservist are going to be the 2nd or 3rd line of defence. The NSF will be the first to chiong. We go in later to collect body help out.

Sometimes I wonder if there is really a need for such mobilisation. War nowadays is not like World War 2 during Hitler times where he can declare war on you and within few hours, his troops already at your doorsteps. Things has changed.

Nowadays, country will always KPKB at United Nation first (take the recent USA vs Iraq as example) While KPKB-ing, they will also move a lot of troops to the border and get ready. Then choose a good day to move in. See, we got more than enough time to prepare a welcome party for any foreign troops who wants to come in and play punk. So why need the mobilisation exercise?

Anyway, its always good to be on alert. We never know when we might need to pick up our arms and defending ourselves.

I’m ready. But tolong tolong, this weekend don’t mobilisation hor. I haven’t done my area cleaning yet.

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