The Libra in me….

Iris send me a link about horoscope just now. She said the whole horoscope is like describing me. Almost everything in the horoscope is true about me except the 2nd last paragraph which is totally not me. Its quite scary to read a horoscope that is so “Zun”. Especially the last paragraph.

You are especially infatuated with love and relationships, and dream of finding your soul mate. This is probably your most important life mission, as you have so much to give another person. Once this aspect of your life is resolved and you meet that special person, your life will become greatly satisfying, no doubt.

Source: 12 signs of the Zodiac – Libra

I’m still on that mission, looking for my soul mate. The horoscope also explains why I’m on that mission. Because I have so much that I want to give her. If only she is here……

Or maybe she is here already, just that I don’t know if she is really the one. Could it be her? Or is it another person in my life? Or is she still far away from me?

Sometimes I wonder where is she…..


  1. Sound like something I always advice my friend:

    “If it is meant to be, it will be…
    If it is not meant to be, it will never be…..”

    But how you know it will not be if you never try. Then you’ll ask yourself, try until when? Nobody have the answer to it. So you’ll see yourself keep trying and trying. Even when you keep failing, you still refuse to give up because you keep telling yourself maybe it will be…. maybe try abit more and she might be touched by the effort that you put in. So you keep trying and trying until a stage when you have given almost everything to her and sink too deep into the hole.

    Then you discovered that maybe it is not meant to be. Maybe you should give up. But you’ve already sink too deep and unable to climb out.

    aaahhh…. that is roughly what is happening now.

  2. Oh dear… but it sounds like the girl is not interested leh… normally if she is also mutually attracted, she will give you a chance when you ask on first try (if she is a risk taker type) and second try (if she is the cautious type).

    And no point getting sad over a woman whose heart is with another man, right?

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