Elections is coming…. Really!

Apologies for my Nov posting regarding elections might be coming. My predictions was wrong. Way wrong.

Was predicting a late Dec 05 election. Look like the elections is going to be around March period. What we saw in Nov is just the tip of the ice berg. The warm up session before the bigger goodies are coming.

Nevertheless, let me list out the goodies we had and those that are on the way now.

#1: Ministerial committee calls for S$1b package to help low-wage workers (12 Jan 06)
#2: Buangkok MRT station finally opens amid fanfare (15 Jan 06)
#3: COEs for all car categories drop below S$10,000 (19 Jan 06)
#4: Panel recommends financial incentives for NSmen (Exact figure will be announced on budget day, which is Feb 17)

Election is really coming. Better check if your name is in the register of electors

I’m in Jurong GRC. Got 80% chance of voting. Cause the opposition party likes to come here. (Maybe because my GRC don’t have any heavy weight ministers) My GRC gets to vote for the past 2 elections. I’m so exicted. This coming election is going to be the 1st time I get to vote. I missed the last election cut off age by 1mth!!! Hope they don’t terkan me this year by not coming.

And also, Dr Chee, if you are reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t come to Jurong GRC again. I rather my GRC walkover so that I can sleep at home during election day than go to the election centre to VOID MY VOTE.

On the side note, SM Goh said PAP’s election theme may be ‘Grow the economy, share the fruits’

Sir, we want the peanuts, not fruits.

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