Goodbye my faithful Sanyo washing machine.

Nobody in the house remember when did you start serving us. Cause it has been too long. My rough guess is 17 years. Maybe more. Thank you for keeping our clothles clean all these years.

The new panasonic washing machine started working shortly after reaching our house. Maria was eager to test if it can do the job as good as you. I guess we still need to fine tune some minor issue. The pipe is too short. We have trouble communicating with it too. Will read up the instruction manual when I have time. Something which I usually don’t do. Who still reads the instruction manual nowadays?

Anyone has any good server to post video? I got a video of the new washing machine in action. Hahahaha….


  1. Having problem uploading the files to imagestation. Could it be because my file format is .3gp? (those hp video format)

    Or is it the server having problem when I tried uploading?

    Will try again later.

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