No matter how many countless rejection the guy received, he will continue to try and try and try. Just for a simple meal with the gal whom he has the SLIGHT interest in. And we are talking about a gal whom he has only slight interest here. Not a crush or lust or love. Just have slight interest in. Just wanted to use these chances to get to know more about the gal.

And this guy will keep trying to ask her out no matter how many times she rejected him. I told T before that all guys are Fan Jian. Because deep down inside their heart, they knew they going be rejected. Yet they still wanna try.

All I pray is for that ONE chance. Just one. No matter how many rejections I get, I keep seeing myself trying and trying again. Its like banging yourself against the wall. How many times do you think the head will win against the wall? Told myself to stop. Told myself there is no chance. But I still try, cause I think she would say yes one day. Perhaps I just refuse to admit to the fact that sometimes, that yes will never come.

Why do I keep banging my head against the wall?
There is a time when the signal is pretty clear. I guess it is now.


  1. Let it go bah…

    If she is meant to be yours… no matter what u do… she will still be yours…

    Prata on Thursday, Cheer up…

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