Decaying Links


How to brew a perfect cup of coffee with expresso machine.
Pitstop cafe talks about the formula to the perfect brew.
I want an expresso machine too!!!

Surviving a Shower in a Cambodian Border Town
Popagandhi teaches us how to shower in poor conditions.
Damn, she is more giliat than some army guys.

Paul Graham on Blogging and Open Source
Paul Graham discusses about what business can learn from open source and blogging.
Got this podcast link from mrbrown. Very nice. Listened to it 3 times already.

mrbrown podcast studio
mrbrown gives us a peek into his studio.
Don’t pray pray ha. His studio also got zhng before.

Hottest Dogger
Kennysia talks about dog.
Hot dogs I mean. If only Singapore got such tasty hot dogs too.

Not all cherries pop
minishorts debates about bleeding cherries.
Not those cherries you find on ice creams.

Oh ya, the beautiful fireangel has her own blog now.

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