Online banking and their gals.

I was using online banking to pay my bills just now. Chinese New Year is coming. They say not good to own people money over the new year. That why I go pay my bills. Haven’t been using UOB online banking for quite some time. They’ve changed their website. Added a model at the login page.

Funny, why do banks like to use picture of female model using notebook on their online banking login page? Why female? Why notebook?

The trend was started by DBS. UOB is following now. I pop by OCBC to check. They don’t have any beautiful model on their login page. Not yet. But I’m sure they would put 1 so as not to lose to the other 2 banks.

But then, the UOB model not as chio and stylo as the DBS one.

I always pause for a few sec to admire her when using DBS’s online banking. Maybe its her tank top. Maybe its the way she tie her hair. Maybe its the way she sit. Maybe its the iBook (minus the Apple logo). Or maybe its her look. She is just plain gorgeous.

UOB cannot fight lah.

And someone should tell the UOB model that there is no WIFI connection at the beach. Even if there is, the sunlight is too strong for you to see the screen clearly. And get a life. You are out at the beach and you still check your online banking? Wah ciao…….

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