Random Rant


Keep over-sleeping lately. I’m immune to my alarm clock. Good thing that Z would call me in the morning if I didn’t send her a good morning sms.

Maybe I need a Blowfly Alarm Clock


Webstats4u is a good counter. It gives you the visit count, the ISP of visitor and how they come here. I like to see how visitor comes to my blog. Mostly thru links. Sometimes, visitors come via search engines.

I’m still wondering who is the person who search for “decayonnet” in google.


Sometimes I feel that there are alot of people born in late Sept and early Oct. Which is actually quite logical. 9 month before late Sept/ early Oct is late Dec/ early Jan.

Holiday season. Dads and mums must be feeling naughty…..


School starting on 1st Feb. Was going thru my class list and found 2 classmates from last year in the same class with me this year for one module. I also saw a name that look like a poly course mate. Should be him. Although I haven’t see him in SIM before. Can’t really remember how he look like already.

But I remember his name. Strange huh?


One of my tutor’s name also look freaking familar. After some deep thinking, I finally remember who is she. She was my poly final year project supervisor. DAMN! I’ve been trying very hard to forget this woman. Got a ‘B’ all because of her. Could had been an ‘A’. What to do? Quarrel with her on the 2nd meeting. She insist that I do her project while I got my own ideas and refuse to take up her project.

Hope she don’t remember me. Damn…..


Another tutor of mine already started emailing everyone to welcome us to his class. Quite surprised to receive the email. He seems quite friendly from his email. I think I’ll enjoy his class. Did a google on his name. Wow. This is not a simple person. He had written quite a few article to Computer Times. I even found his personal home page. No pictures of him yet. Just photos of his jeep.

And he doesn’t blog.


The rest of the classmates are taking turns to reply that email. The usual PR stuff like happy new yr blah blah blah. They also included their MSN email. Still wondering if I should add them. Maybe after a few classes. Haven’t seen them yet leh.

Still thinking if I should follow the rest and write some PR email. Maybe wait till 1st day of class then do a proper intro lah. Use email intro, who will remember?


Went Casuarina for prata today. Been a long time since the JR gang meet up. The prata shop has moved closer to the carpark and have Aircon now. Cool. The curry taste a lot better than before. Prata still as good as before. They say the price increased abit. But I can’t remember what was the price before the renovation. Who cares anyway? So long as it taste good.

They’ve removed the large Goh Chok Tong’s photo. I guess we won’t be seeing peanut prata anytime soon.


  1. that would have been me who googled you (once only hor). was the easiest way to get your blog url without going to paddy’s or spug. :p hope you arent too disappoointed. 😀

  2. wah… that alarm clock looks interesting… but I doubt it will work for u also… bet it will run out of batteries in no time cos u’ll b too busy sleeping to go n catch it… 😛

  3. Yeap yeap. She is very beautiful. 😀

    (ps: she is reading this blog. So must say good stuff or Wed nobody will wake me up. hee hee)

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