The cycle goes on….

Okie, as expected, all the relatives sure ask me about gf and when I getting married.

Things were a little easier when you have a gf last year. At least when they ask you when you getting married, you can refer them to your gf. This year, no people to refer too. Haiz.

And my old excuse of “must wait for older sister to get married first” will not be valid next year. In fact, I don’t even dare to use that excuse this year. Cos I know sure ganna shoot back if I were to use it as my excuse this year. Damn.

So have to think up of those lame excuse.

Q: Why no gf?
A: Waiting for you to intro lor.

Basically, just answer anything lor. Entertain them abit. You see lah, relatives ask these questions bascially because they don’t have much common topic to talk with you. Let them ask lor. Ang pow got give me can liao.

I guess when they are at our age, their relatives also ask them the same set of questions. That why now is their turn to take revenge. When we reach their age, it will be our turn to take revenge. And the cycle goes on……


  1. The last part sallah… when your relatives are your age, they are already married with kids!!! that’s why… and they forever live in their era…

  2. Or rather, in the past, their older relatives ask them similar questions. So they in turn ask us this question.

    To continue the “traditions”, we should ask the younger ones when they are around 20+. 😀

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