The new polymer $2 notes


Face it, Chinese like to gamble. Everyone gamble abit during chinese new year. Not because we want to make a fortune. But gambling sort of bring relatives closer and remove the generation gap. Everyone, young and old, sit around the table to play card and chit chat. That is what chinese new year is suppose to be.

We played black jack just now. Since we are just playing for fun, we placed small bet per round. We usually bet around $1. To signal to the banker that you want to bet $1 for this round, you just place a $1 on the table.

If you don’t have $1 coin, you just fold a $2 note into a triangle like this.

Usually when the banker see this, he will know that you are betting $1. We never had any problem, until the new polymer $2 notes came along. These new notes are durable. They are so good that they cannot be folded!!

No matter how much strength you use to fold them, they will still return to its original shape. Argh. Whoever invented the polymer notes never play black jack before. Heard from my dad that is also quite hard to put these new polymer $2 notes into smaller size Ang Pow. Good luck to those uncle who queue up for hours to exchange these new polymer notes.

Damn. Lost $28 tonight. Tomorrow night go aunt’s house recuperate.

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