Using laughter as cover up

Went my aunt’s house in the evening today. My aunt house is like a warzone on the 2nd day of chinese new year. Children running around, adults playing mahjong and black jack. The only good thing about my aunt house is that you just need to stand 1 corner, reach out your hand and wait for ang pow. LOTS of ang pow to be exact. This is 1 stop that cannot be miss every year.

Perhaps it is because my aunt house is like a pot of gold to unmarried people, thats why my cousins like to bring their bf/gf there too. And I sense trouble the moment I step into the house. 2 new faces. Girl somemore. Damn, my 2 cousin, 1 same age as me, 1 two years younger than me, brought their gf along this year.

I sense “sha qi”. Somehow, I feel that my default FAQ is not going to work here. Got to use something more power. Somemore its not just 1 aunt that comes “attacking” me. Its 3 to 4 of them surrounding me and striking together. (I have 6 aunts….. or is it 7?? damn… lost track liao)

Q: How come never bring gf along?
A: They never say this year bring gf along mah! *point finger at my 2 cousin*
Q: This kind of thing need to say 1 meh?
A: Need mah. Somemore must say earlier then I can go find 1. Nobody says that this year trend is bring gf along. Alamak, I old fashion already.
Q: Hahahahaha….
A: Hahahahaha….

I thought over already. No lor, some come ask more question.
Q: So no gf ah?
A: Don’t have lor. They never say earlier.
Q: This kind of thing don’t need to say 1 mah.
A: Ok ok, I go find 1 then next year bring 1 along. No no no, I bring 2 along to make up for this year.
Q: Hahahahaha…..
A: Hahahahaha…..

And the questions keep coming in…..
Q: So next year must bring gf along hor.
A: Ok ok. I go find 1 then next year bring. If cannot find gal, I’ll get a guy ok?
Q: Hahahahaha…..
A: Hahahahaha…..
A: (To my cousins) So next year you bringing your gf along or not?
Q: Hahahahaha…..
A: Hahahahaha…..

Damn……. must really use laughter to cover up….. The feeling is not good. Not good at all……


  1. Hey, no gf is not the end of the world lah… but your prepared answers are damned good! *2 thumbs up! Applaud*** You’re good! Wahahaha!

  2. Never prepare lor. On the spot think of the answers 1. If I knew they both bringing gf along, I will anyhow drag someone along. Guys also can.

    Argh…. never give warning….

  3. Check out my version.

    Q: Lin Ah, then u leh? Never bring?
    A: Oh, u dunno meh? I bringing on Feb 30th.
    Q: ???!!! then hahaha
    A: hahahaha

    Proceeds to next topic.
    Guess this one faster.


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