Tick Tock Tick Tock…

Tick tock tick tock… Ringgggg!!!!!

This is Miss Z posting on dk’s blog for the moment… He today kuku already… Think kanna pressed too much abt gf by his relatives, so came up with the idea of guest blogging… He want me to ruin his blog for him? No prob~! 😛

Ai yo… Miss Z here is super poor thing… Every weekday morning have to wake piggy dk up from his bed. SMS him first, wait for a while, no reply??? Must give him a call liao… Arh bo confirm + chop + guarantee, he will confirm be late for work. If he sway sway that day I fell asleep on the MRT b4 I wake him up, he confirm chiam… But then again, even if i wake him up on time, he is STILL late for work everyday. So what’s the diff??? Hmmm… got… the difference is that he dun have to take cab to work… I told him he must give me a treat to Angus House with all the cab fare he saved… 😀 Yum yum… Angus here I come… dk dk… Don’t forget my Angus hor… I think I have accumulated at least 1 or 2 Angus treat with all the cab fare I helped u save… 😉


  1. Eh, dk you really dunno how to treat your guest well hor.. The host should blanja the guest mah, where got the other way round one…

  2. Iris: but she REALLY own me Angus mah. That time she say treating after her projects 1. Her project over few weeks liao, I still no smell my Angus yet lor.

  3. Muhahahahah!!
    That is one funny word ‘Kum’ that we dont usually use until CNY. hahaha.

    Hey, DK just used it on my blog too! hahah

  4. hee… for your info… my projects not over yet… tml hand in one. Fri present one. and one more feb then hand in… 😛

    u guys really super high abt the kum this CNY season…. 😛

  5. wah… chio bu blogging Ar…

    Guest appearance only AR… DK, i tot as long as wear skirt can liao… how come so hard to find a gf… It is time to let it all go…

    The Kum thread is kuming all over the place liao lah… so dirty…

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