新年快乐!!! 恭喜发财!!!

Hahaha…. Today is the 1st day of chinese new year. I’m at home waiting for Ang Pow to come. Chinese New Year is full of customs. For example, before chinese new year, we need to do spring cleaning and buy new clothles. It is considered unlucky to wear old clothles on CNY. Then there is the ang pow and the Kum (mandarin oranges).

Have you ever wondered, why do people exchange Kum on CNY? Traditions say that the word “Kum” sound like “gold”. And exchanging Kum is like exchanging gold. BUT, why do I want to exchange gold with someone? I take 2 gold balls, exchange with your 2 gold balls, I end up still having 2 gold balls. Maybe I might get better looking, bigger and heavier gold balls. But what the whole point? I don’t gain anything right?

And have you ever wondered, Why kum? Why not other fruits? Pineapple for instance is called “Ong Lai” which mean something like “Luck come”. Isn’t exchanging luck better than exchanging gold? Or maybe some other stuff. Why must it be kum?

Does anyone likes to eat Kum? Or rather, does anyone buy kum besides during CNY? I don’t think so. I am beginning to think that all these exchanging of kum is just a conspiracy thought up by some kum farmers long time ago. Look, without this tradition, who would still buy their kum? Maybe some people will, but not many. And look at the way people buy the kum during Chinese New Year. Carton by carton. Some people give kum as gift before CNY. Everyone would buys extra kum just incase some of them are spoilt.

These nasty fruits are the fastest decaying fruits I’ve ever seen. They decay within 2 weeks!!! Kum farmers must find a way to sell their kum fast or they will just rot and spoilt in the marketplace. And since these kum are usually harvested around January, why not start a tradition of exchanging kum during chinese new year?

Excellent plan! Now the kum farmers can continue to grow kum and still manage to sell them before they start to rot. And we chinese will be having a headache on how do we settle the kum after chinese new year.

And I tell you, I have alot of kum this year. You see lah, we need some kum as offering to the god. Some for exchanging with relatives and friends. And some extra in case these nasty-decaying-fruits decide to rot before the guest come. Usually, we get 1 carton of kum. But this year, my dad’s trying-to-be-good friend decided to give us 1 more carton of kum. HORROR!

Guys and gals, point to note. Never ever ever give one carton of kum as gift during CNY. NEVER. Most people would had bought their own kum already. Next time, try giving ba kwa or spring roll or something-that-doesn’t-decay-so-fast.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to settle these kum after CNY?

Yeap, all these kum are at my house now. No photoshop. And no, my dad doesn’t sell fruits.
What to do with kum after chinese new year?

BTW: I posted similar question in forum and these horny guys and gals are using the thread to talk about “Cum” instead of “Kum”. You guys very ham sup leh. I got a big issue here and all you all talk is who “Cum” on who.


Whoever come up with the idea of doing spring cleaning before chinese new year really deserved a broom shoved up his ass. Been doing area cleaning for the whole day. I’m so tired now.

If I have a time machine, I’ll go back in time and tell the folks that it is UNLUCKY to do spring cleaning before chinese new year. That will save me alot of trouble.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! 😀


Keep over-sleeping lately. I’m immune to my alarm clock. Good thing that Z would call me in the morning if I didn’t send her a good morning sms.

Maybe I need a Blowfly Alarm Clock


Webstats4u is a good counter. It gives you the visit count, the ISP of visitor and how they come here. I like to see how visitor comes to my blog. Mostly thru links. Sometimes, visitors come via search engines.

I’m still wondering who is the person who search for “decayonnet” in google.


Sometimes I feel that there are alot of people born in late Sept and early Oct. Which is actually quite logical. 9 month before late Sept/ early Oct is late Dec/ early Jan.

Holiday season. Dads and mums must be feeling naughty…..


School starting on 1st Feb. Was going thru my class list and found 2 classmates from last year in the same class with me this year for one module. I also saw a name that look like a poly course mate. Should be him. Although I haven’t see him in SIM before. Can’t really remember how he look like already.

But I remember his name. Strange huh?


One of my tutor’s name also look freaking familar. After some deep thinking, I finally remember who is she. She was my poly final year project supervisor. DAMN! I’ve been trying very hard to forget this woman. Got a ‘B’ all because of her. Could had been an ‘A’. What to do? Quarrel with her on the 2nd meeting. She insist that I do her project while I got my own ideas and refuse to take up her project.

Hope she don’t remember me. Damn…..


Another tutor of mine already started emailing everyone to welcome us to his class. Quite surprised to receive the email. He seems quite friendly from his email. I think I’ll enjoy his class. Did a google on his name. Wow. This is not a simple person. He had written quite a few article to Computer Times. I even found his personal home page. No pictures of him yet. Just photos of his jeep.

And he doesn’t blog.


The rest of the classmates are taking turns to reply that email. The usual PR stuff like happy new yr blah blah blah. They also included their MSN email. Still wondering if I should add them. Maybe after a few classes. Haven’t seen them yet leh.

Still thinking if I should follow the rest and write some PR email. Maybe wait till 1st day of class then do a proper intro lah. Use email intro, who will remember?


Went Casuarina for prata today. Been a long time since the JR gang meet up. The prata shop has moved closer to the carpark and have Aircon now. Cool. The curry taste a lot better than before. Prata still as good as before. They say the price increased abit. But I can’t remember what was the price before the renovation. Who cares anyway? So long as it taste good.

They’ve removed the large Goh Chok Tong’s photo. I guess we won’t be seeing peanut prata anytime soon.

I was using online banking to pay my bills just now. Chinese New Year is coming. They say not good to own people money over the new year. That why I go pay my bills. Haven’t been using UOB online banking for quite some time. They’ve changed their website. Added a model at the login page.

Funny, why do banks like to use picture of female model using notebook on their online banking login page? Why female? Why notebook?

The trend was started by DBS. UOB is following now. I pop by OCBC to check. They don’t have any beautiful model on their login page. Not yet. But I’m sure they would put 1 so as not to lose to the other 2 banks.

But then, the UOB model not as chio and stylo as the DBS one.

I always pause for a few sec to admire her when using DBS’s online banking. Maybe its her tank top. Maybe its the way she tie her hair. Maybe its the way she sit. Maybe its the iBook (minus the Apple logo). Or maybe its her look. She is just plain gorgeous.

UOB cannot fight lah.

And someone should tell the UOB model that there is no WIFI connection at the beach. Even if there is, the sunlight is too strong for you to see the screen clearly. And get a life. You are out at the beach and you still check your online banking? Wah ciao…….


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