Don’t you just hate it when you got 2 armchair critics in your home while you are trying to get something done?

AC: You need to use the screw to secure it lah.
Me: I already told you many times that I’ve lost the screw. Got any other option?
AC: Nope.

Me: **Turning the thing**
AC: You need to turn the thing more to get it out.
Me: You so good you try lah. **Pass it to AC**
AC: You do better.

AC: Not straight lah.
Me: Yes, I can see not straight. Can’t you see I’m trying to straighten it?
AC: **Cont sitting at sofa looking at me struggling**

AC: Its sliding down.
Me: I know, I’m trying to tighten it?
AC: **Still cont sitting at sofa looking at me struggling**

AC: Like that cannot work lah.
Me: You come do lah.
AC: I’m just telling you cannot mah. **Still sitting at sofa**

Its already very annoying that the whole damn thing doesn’t work. The last thing I need is 2 armchair critics commenting on everything that I’m doing. I also have eyes. I know it is not stright. I know it is loose. Can’t you see I’m trying to fix it? Its either you come help, or just shut up.


Wow, she is fast. Damn fast.

DOUBLE-CROSSING motorists, watch out for Sergeant Kaleswari Palani.

She dishes out traffic summons faster than a fast food outlet serving hamburgers.

On the afternoon of 17 Feb last year, she issued a total of 50 traffic summons in just 40 minutes.

That’s one booking every 48 seconds.

Source: New Paper

While article mentioned that a lawyer claim trial but lost, everyone fail to address one critical issue.

Why were there 50 offenders in a mere 40 minutes?

There could only be 2 possible reason.
1) Singapore drivers has no regards for the double white line.
2) There is something seriously wrong with the road design.

You decide.

Don’t you just hate it when those new toilets use hand-free-sensor tap instead of traditional push-for-water tap? Somehow, you can never find the exact spot of the sensor. You can put your hand at the basin, move left and right and still no water come out. And if water come out, you need to remain in that position else water will be cut off again.

Yah, high tech toilet huh? They don’t even know when to give me water to wash my hands. Why can’t they just stick to traditional taps?

Something must be wrong with these hand-free-sensor tap. Perhaps we are using it the wrong way. Perhaps there is a secret password or something. Maybe you need to say “Open Sesame” or insert a token or something. Anyone got the instruction manual?

Or perhap you need to use the universal hand signal to get water.

Ah…. finally there is water. Another example of how useful the universal hand signal is.

Still having hangover from New Year Eve Countdown. No joke. Woke up these 2 days having those floating feeling and a headache. I keep trying to recall how many glasses I’ve drank that made me had a 2 day hangover. Seriously, other than coke and mineral water, I don’t remember drinking other things.

You can get hangover without drinking alcholic drinks too.


Xiaxue is targetting the Aerosol Form shooters. What is X-mas eve and New Year eve without these fun spray? I got myself 2 cans for New Year eve countdown. Gave 1 bottle to H. She decline in the beginning, saying she scare spray on someone that we don’t know. I reassured her that it is perfectly alright to spray at stranger on X-mas eve and New Year eve. We finished the 2 can before the actually countdown. Damn, should had bought more.

We don’t specially target on anyone. Actually it was more of spraying into the air and see who is the lucky person. And since everyone is screaming and jumping around, the lucky person wouldn’t even know he ganna from us. Right? Anyway, New Year eve will be boring without the spray. Don’t bother having a petition to ban it lah.


After the countdown, we went Clark Quay. The party was still on. MOS’s queue is still long. We just walk along the streets of Clark Quay and see which pub willing to accept this bunch of fellows we were broke after buying the $19 entry ticket to the canon countdown. The place is rather crowded. I walk behind or behind H most of the times. I always prefer to walk behind at crowded place so that I can be on a look out for people who try to be funny. I’m gald nobody tries to be funny.

The Ang Moh were rather rowdy. They are already rowdy during normal chionging day. Their rowdiness doubled during festive season like new year eve. While most of them were partying among themeselves, got 1 group of 3 Ang Moh aren’t. They were walking and dancing on the street, disturbing anyone that walk by. I sense trouble the moment I saw them. We tried to avoid them. But N wasn’t fast enough to avoid one of the guy who took her hands and wanted to dance with her while she tried to break free. I stood a few step away, waiting to rush in to break up the fun if it gets overboard. Luckily N was able to break free.