Ads run foul of Singapore rules
By Nassim Khadem, Canberra
March 1, 2006

SINGAPORE will get a censored version of Tourism Australia’s “So where the bloody hell are you?” campaign because the advertisements do not comply with its strict censorship laws.

When the $180 million campaign is launched in Singapore, a series of Xs will replace the word bloody in print advertisements. The television version will not be aired there.

But the advertisement already appeared uncensored in Singapore’s Straits Times last week, when the newspaper ran a story about the campaign.

So far 45,000 foreigners, including 24,000 Americans and 10,000 Britons, have logged on to the campaign website. Tourism Australia spokesman Sasha Grebe said extensive market research had shown the advertisements were a hit.

The Advertising Standards Bureau has received three complaints about the advertisement and it would go before the review board for a decision on whether it breached advertising’s code of ethics.

Meanwhile, the Association of Australian Commercial and Media Photographers president North Sullivan said the decision by the advertisement’s creators, M&C Saatchi, to use a British photographer to shoot the print advertisements was a “slap in the face for Australian creative talent”.
Source: The Age

Bloody hell!

“Bloody hell” got too vulgar meh? Why cannot use “Bloody hell”?
What the bloody hell are you all thinking?

Bloody hell!!!!

The Scene is an online mini series about the piracy underground where 99% of pirated movies, songs, video games, etc start out.

The show is quite interesting. There is little acting. Most of the time, you find yourself reading what is being typed on IRC and MSN. Cool huh? And the plot is rather interesting too.

Oh, check out their sound track. Nice song they have. And best of all, everything is free and legal for downloading. 😀

Got this link from mrbrown’s blog. It talks about how it is impossible to get a police complaint form in some part of Miami.

Wah… must see the video clip leh. The undercover ask for complaint form only, the police show gun liao.

Why don’t they just do it the Singaporean way? Write to the newspaper. lol….

ON FEB 16 at 11.15am while I was driving along the PIE at Simei exit, I noticed a police car QX4545 hogging the road and swaying from left to right on the extreme right lane.

Near the PIE Bedok exit, it nearly grazed a blue Toyota Corolla which was in the middle lane.

The police car continued to road-hog at under 70kmh on the extreme right lane until it reached Kallang exit, when it started to sway from left to right again.

As it was unsafe to drive behind the police car, I overtook it by taking the middle lane.

I looked at the police car and saw two men in civilian clothes. The driver was talking on his cell phone in his left hand.

I continued driving in the middle lane and as I was about to filter out at Stevens Road exit, I looked at my rear-view mirror and saw the police car still hogging the extreme right lane with other cars tailgating it.

Under what circumstances are police officers allowed to use their cell phones while driving?

If it is an emergency call, shouldn’t the other police officer sitting in the front passenger seat be answering it?

The police should set a good example by being courteous on the road.

To see a police officer using the cell phone while driving is shocking.

Roslan Rahim
Source: Straits Times Forum 18 Feb 2006

And of cos, actions will be taken.

I REFER to Mr Roslan Rahim’s letter ‘Police used phone while driving’ (ST, Feb 18).

We have identified the officers involved and are investigating. The officers will face the same consequences as any other motorist if they are found to have violated any of the traffic rules.

We will not tolerate any of our officers who act irresponsibly and endanger the safety of other road-users.

We thank Mr Roslan for bringing this matter to our attention.

Audrey Ang
Assistant Director (Media Relations)
Singapore Police Force
Source: Straits Times Forum 22 Feb 2006

I wonder what will happen to Roslan if he stays in Miami.







Got lesson today, but don’t feel like attending. Somehow, my mind couldn’t concentrate on anything. Going lesson is a waste of time.

So I went to Suntec Starbucks for a cup of coffee. I still prefer coffee bean to starbucks. But the Starbucks at Suntec is a great place to chill out. I’m not talking about the Suntec Starbucks near the overhead bridge at the main entrance. There is actually another starbucks hidden in one corner of suntec.

Not many people know about this place. And there are a lot of Sofa Seats. A great place to chill.

Its right behind Nike by bird. Sssshhhh……