T forward to me a part of the conversation he had with H on msn today.

T: u also women ma hahah if ppl give u flower i think u will also feel happy
H: hmm it really depends on wat type of flower.. who gave.. the reason.. the occasion.. and the place hahaha

T: Buy flower for her this V-day lah.
Me: Siao, wait she throw in dustbin.
T: Then say earlier mah. Then I don’t need to order flowers for my gf liao. Just go her dustbin pick lor.
Me: I think she will step a few times 1st before throwing.
T: Nvm, I msn her tell her don’t step.
Me: -_-”’

But seriously, I’m wondering if I should send her flowers this V-day.
Type of flower: 12 red roses
Who give: DK
The Reason: Ask her out for dinner that night
The occasion: V-day
The place: Office

Will this work? Will she accept it or throw it into the dustbin? Still wondering. Should I or should I not? I’m scared I might freak her out.

Haiz…. guest blogger not working. Ask her to help me blog so that I can concentrate more on H. Like that still dare to demand for angus.


  1. Hey, do some homework lah!!! Find out what is her favourite flowers before buying! Many of my friends, including myself, don’t like roses! It’s too old-fashioned!

  2. Actually no need to wait for V day… do it this weekend!!! Just ask her out for coffee and talk… think both of you will feel more relax and less stress.. be yourself..

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