Dinner at NYDC

I met up with DK here for dinner on Thursday. I think he’s really trying to ruin any chance for me to slim down… He never fail to bring me to those places to get fat eg. his fav NYDC. DK seems to like eating NYDC alot… and i mean really alot… And the reason I got sick of eating t NYDC is all because of him. Cos every now and then when I meet up with him for dinner, he will say “Let’s go NYDC” -_-”’

Anyway, I ordered some salad cos I was in the mood of eating grass that day and he was going… “You trying to eat salad to slim down arh? Forget it lah… It wun help one. Not with the salad here.” I thot he was referring to eating salad with the salad dressing will not help in slimming down. But I knew what he really means after the salad was served… NYDC really serves a very BIG portion of salad… as in REALLY BIG… I never know you can get so full just eating salad. He still order a Jedimudster… I think he will be putting back whatever weight he lost recently too… šŸ˜›

I was drilling him about the new love in his life… hee… Very fun… šŸ˜€ I can be very very bah gwa at times and I will not stop until I get the information that I want… šŸ˜› DK so when will I get new information from you? šŸ˜‰

[DK: Added a picture of Z’s fork attacking the Jedi Mudster first]


  1. Hihi~ I have to agree with you that DK is a hardcore for NYDC. I think with the many little times that I’ve gone out with him, let’s say 10 times. We’ll be at NYDC for 9 times. And guess what special place will be that 1 time? Somewhere there’s roti prata.

    Is there any immunisation for Creativity cells to increase for this chap?

    Hope to get a chance to meet you babe. probably we can share a bowl of salad & a mudpie next time. *chuckles*

    Shan Lin

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