I was rather surprised when H agreed to meet up to watch Memoirs of Geisha together. She has been rejecting me everytime I ask her out.

Maybe it is because I told her that I’m interested in her.
Maybe it is because she has been rejecting me too many times.
Maybe it is because she is also interested in the show.

This is the 1st time we went out together. It was a nice show.

We went to Boat Quay TCC after the show. All the beanbags were taken, so we sat on the floor. Had a nice chat with her. Everything was great.

While on the way to the MRT, I asked her when will her kickboxing lesson be on next week. She said Wednesday. So I asked if she want to meet up for dinner after the lesson. She said see how first.

Somehow, I got this feeling it is a yes. 🙂

**This entry was posted on 4th Feb 2006. Reposted because blogger lost the entry.**

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