Exercise what you eat.

If you know me long enough, you would know that I’m a sucker for good food. I’ll travel the distance for good food. I’ve been to every corner of Singapore just for the sake of eating. Jessie said before that I always go for good food. And that was before I got my driving license. After I got my driving license, almost every place in Singapore is reachable……

I stayed in Jurong West.
But I’ve been to Bedok 85 Market for the Ah Balling Tang Yuan.
I’ve been to Sambawang for Buckaroo.
I’ve been to Siglap for Cheesecake.
I’ve been to Fong Seng for Special Cheese prata.
**And the list goes on and on and on**

So long as there is good food, I’ll go and try.
I used to be abit fat at 1 stage of my life. But I’ve more or less trimmed down abit. Someone said that I’ll be putting back the weight that I’ve lost recently with all the good food. But what she doesn’t know is that I’ve been exercising lately.

I still remember one of the fitness talk in Maju during my RT.

The OC was saying you can eat anything you like. Even oily stuff like Chao Guo Tiao. But most importantly, you exercise what you eat. If you eat this much, then you should exercise just as much to overwrite it.

I went for a jog today. Which means I can eat prata at Fong Seng.
1 Special Cheese prata.
1 Mashroom Cheese prata.
1/2 kosong prata.
1 Milo Dinosaur

I’m not afraid of gainning weight.
But I think someone can forget her plans to lose weight lah.
1 Cheese prata.
1/2 kosong prata.
1 Milo Dinosaur
No jogging.

PS to Z: Iris says she wants to go jogging together with me someday leh. You want to join? 😀

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