30 Days…..

30 days left to end of contract.
30 days left to my bonus.
30 days left for me to make the decision that will affect my life.

Should I stay on in this job? This is my first job. And it will be my 3rd year in the job this coming March.

The company will be re-contracting me, although the HR hasn’t contacted me yet. I know I will be renewed because my boss already scheduled me for stuff beyond my contract period.

Eh boss, I got say I want to renew my contract meh? haha….

I still remember when I was first offered this job, my ex-buddy advised me not to take up the job because it is contract based and I’ll be out of job at the end of the contract. But never did we realize that the trend nowadays is to employ contract IT staff and renewing their contract if they are needed. It appears that everyone in my company is offered a new contract when their contract expires.

I haven’t been contacting him for 2 years plus, but I heard he had changed a few job, while I’m still sitting on my 1st job. I’m glad I didn’t listen to him 3 years ago.

So am I renewing?
It depends on a few factors….

1) The pay increment and bonus
Must see how much money they offering me. Actually, my expectation this year is slightly higher because I see myself doing tougher task this year. I doubt they can meet it.

2) Career improvements
I’m no longer doing the same thing that I’m doing when I came to this company. My job profile has more or less evolved. But still, I wish to see more changes. I wish to do things that have value add to my career. My boss talked to me back in Nov telling me that he is putting me on a new project. I was pretty excited when he told me that. But the latest new is that the director has replaced me with a china guy. Well, no choice, he is more experienced than me.

3) H
This may sound stupid. But I feel that H is also 1 of the deciding factor. Don’t ask me why.

Seriously, I haven’t really made up my mind yet. A few colleagues ask me if I’m renewing, and my reply to them is 50-50.


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