So obvious meh???

Having ultra late dinner with shanlin at NYDC now. Haven’t met her for couple of month. But she seems quite updated with what is happening in my life as she is reading my blog.

**Oh ya, I’m blogging with the free NYDC WIFI while waiting for her to finish that ultra big farmboy salad. Told u all that the salad is huge liao, don’t believe me**

Anyway, we were chatting and she changed the topic to H. Why all the gals who eat farmboy salad at NYDC like to ask about H? But I’m quite surprised that she managed to guess who H is. OMG…..
And she was saying it is quite OBVIOUS.

Obvious meh? Die….. even someone whom I never met for so long can guess who is she.

Make me wonder, who else knows here managed to guess who she is?
WAIT…. who is reading my blog in the first place?


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