That little things that piss me off…..

Do you have a list of things that will piss you off? I have. There are a couple of little things in life that piss me off. Maybe I’ll list down all of them 1 day.

Anyway, there is 1 thing that T like to do that never fail to piss me off. Sending me a nudge in MSN. Or rather sending me a nudge first thing he sees me on MSN. Even before sending me a msg or anything. And I’m at my computer when he nudge me.

Sometimes, i’m fine with it. But when someone over-done it, you get pissed off easily. It has even reach the stage that whenever I saw him come online, I knew he will send me a nudge soon.

There are times when you are listening to MP3 or watching video and turning the computer volume up to try to catch the words. Then this irritating noise comes along. And there are times when you are in a foul mood and the last thing you want people to do is to nudge you for no reason.

There is a purpose for nudge. Nudge is to alert the person when he didn’t reply your msg. It is not a greeting. Its rude. Its like pressing the car horn at people. (BTW, I hate it when people horn at me too.)

I told T many times that I hate it when he does that. But he still continue to do it. Everytime….

So yesterday, I was on msn when I saw him come online. And I knew he will send me a nudge again. And he did.

Pissed off, so I ask him this question.

Me: If someone tells you that he hate something, will you:- 1) Keep doing it. 2) Stop doing it.
T: Option 3.
Me: What is option 3?
T: Do it sometimes, don’t do it sometimes.



  1. Yes! I hate people who nudges for no apparent reason! Argh!

    Maybe you should just block T on your MSN so that you’ll always be offline to T until you choose to unblock.

  2. Is T a guy? Send him a “Smooch” to irritate him? Wahahaha… ok, I think I’m too mean… it’s just a joke.

    Maybe the nicer way is to let him know the reason why you don’t like nudges like for example it disrupts the movie or MP3 that you are playing.

  3. I already told him the reason many times already. No use on him.

    Send him a “Smooch”?

    eerr… I think I’ll end up getting a nudge and smooch from him everytime he comes online. Bad idea……

  4. Ermm… Sometimes…

    I love to send The Nudge to my sister on MSN, and then she told me she can ward of my Nudge attacks by setting her MSN status to Busy.


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