Error at Cartel

Sir, your order will be a waffle, pan fried macaroni, potato wedges and crispy combo.

Eeerr….. should be. I suppose. Basically, I wasn’t paying much attention when HJ is taking down the order. In fact, I wasn’t even paying much attention when the waiter was repeating the order. Somehow, my brain didn’t register that combo is something huge.

That will be $57.90 Sir.

What the heck did Iris and HJ order? 57 bucks? Wah…. Feeling something is wrong.
Still, the brain didn’t really register that a disaster is on its way. And I paid for the items……

Will walking back to the seat, I feel something is wrong…. Wait….. I remember someone say want to eat salad. Why I don’t remember hearing salad? I look at the recipt. Wait…. what is this crispy combo thingy? $36???

FUCK….. something is wrong. Nobody ordered that crispy combo. HJ wrote the wrong number on the order list. And the stupid sotong me just paid without thinking.

Tried to cancel the order, but they already started preparing the food. Cannot cancel. How are we going to finish so much food??? The combo is meant for 3 person. We got 3 person, but we also ordered other stuff.

Damn myself. Firstly, I just simply bo chap what they are ordering. Assume that what is written on the paper is correct. Then I never think when the bill chalk up to $50++. It is so obvious that there is something wrong with the order. Yet I just didn’t do anything to stop it. Feeling shitty.

DK….. you need to change. Cannot be so bo chap anymore.

Anyway, the crispy combo quite good. The wedges is overcook but still ok. The waffle taste good and the pan fried macaroni suck big time. NEVER EVER order that pan fried macaroni. NEVER.

Well…. the 3 of us managed to finish everything san the horrible tasting macaroni. My exercise for the past few weeks all gone to waste.

Tonight damn sinful…… And Iris keep saying “Sinful” while dipping her food in that fattening wasabi mayo.

Iris: we seriously need to go for a jog next week. Too bad HJ live AMK. Else drag him along.


  1. Both are welcome!! This Sunday I’m going around 4plus…. anyway, it’s ok to pig out at Macs after the run… normally we will down the heat with sundae!!! And we still slimmed down… yeah!!!

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