The hunt for jobs


I’m not hunting for steve jobs. I’m hunting for a job. A new job.

25 days to end of contract. HR haven’t call me up to discuss new contract. Base on my experience and other colleagues who had renewed their contracts recently, I know their conditions (pay increment and bonus) are not going to meet my expectations.

It has been a long time since I last look at jobsdb and related pages. The pages seem so alien. The requirements seem so weird.

I see a company making 4 job ads posting.
Male sales executive
Female sales executive
Sales Manager
Sales Manageress

At first I thought the pay is different for male and female. But they are the same. Everything. So why didn’t they put a job ads saying looking for sales executive and sales manager instead? Still wondering….

Looking at those online job site. Couldn’t find a good job.
Anway, what other good job website are there? I’m currently looking at:-

Jobs DB
Job Street
Job Seek

Perhaps I should also start looking into those big company’s website.


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  2. what is the situation with the IT job market in Singapore these days ? It was downright crap when I left in 2003 at the height of the SARS crisis.

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