Last post for Ms Alarm Clock

Tick Tock Tick Tock…. Ringgggg!!!!!!

Time’s up for me… DK decided too throw me out of his blog after today… He keep saying that his guest blogger bo zou gang (never work). So I shall have to bid farewell to all of you today… 😛

I have to admit I seldom post in his blog lah… But… but… but… I am too busy to blog for him lah… I don’t even blog in my blog frequently lor… Where got the time to blog for him? 😛

Idiot DK keep saying that I will definitely fail in losing weight. I know you slimmed down liao also dun need to be like this one mah… :'( I will definitely slimmed down one.. You just wait and see… By then, dun complain and say that you rather I be fatter… Bleah…

Last note… Happy Valentine’s Day to all~! 🙂

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