Security and Outsourcing

Warning: this is some rant over office matters.

We outsourced some of our work to China around 1 year plus ago. It is cheaper over there. There is a saying, you can employ 3 Malaysian or 5 Chinese or 7 Indians with the pay you are paying to a Singaporean. (And there is also a saying that you can buy 3 bowl of rice in Malaysia or 5 bowl of rice in China or 7 bowl of rice in India with the money you spend to buy 1 bowl of rice in Singapore)

I always hated outsourcing. In the beginning, the quality from them was horrible. Full of errors and we have to correct the coding ourselves. But the standard improves. They employed more people lately. The company in China belongs to our company and they only serves our company’s assignments. They had full access to all our LAN folders. We did also of file sharing, esp excel where everyone updates to 1 excel document.

Then some smart alex said that the current arrangement is still not cost effective enough. So they had a re-org. The company in China no longer belong to our company. Or rather, no longer directly belongs to our company. It became sort of a new company by itself and thus also accept works from other companies.

Because of this reason, the morons at security dept decide to remove their access to all our LAN folders. Meaning they cannot update those shared excel files. Like that how to work?

“Its for security reason. The china side are no longer our company and they are also doing request for other company. It is not safe for them to have full access to our LAN folders blah blah blah……”

Hey, fuck off lah. Wake up your bloody idea. The info we send to them to work on are all confidential stuff already. They don’t need access to our LAN folder, all they need is to forward the emails we send them to our competitors and we are all deadmeat. So how? Don’t outsource lor. Since you fuckers have no trust in the people you outsource the job to.

Idiots. So what? China side do the codings, and send back to me and I go update the shared excel files? WTF? Just give them the bloody access to the LAN folders lah. Its not machim you got gold inside.

Lim peh not some school kids doing part time data entry job.

ARGH…… 23 days left….. My blood is boiling…..

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