The inflexibility of human

Don’t understand why some people are so inflexable.

Someone in forum suggested going for a cycling outing on 26 March. Another person misread the posting and thought it was 26 Feb. So he started a “attendance list” to see who is able to make it on 26 Feb.

Couple of people state that they will be able to come on 26 Feb until someone pointed out that the initial plan was on 26 March and not 26 Feb. So some suggest sticking back to 26 March since the initial plan was March.

Since got people can make it on 26 Feb, why not just stick with the mistaken date? We can always have 1 in Feb and 1 in March. Its not that we can only go once. Why die die must stick to the initial plan?

Why you all so inflexible? Why? Why? Why?


  1. Why must you have it in Feb then? Whats wrong with pushing it to Mar?? Insisting it to be in Feb is as good as implying that you are inflexible too. By the way, why are you so obsessed about the cycling trip?

  2. The problem is, quite a number of pple already expressed that they can make it in Feb. If that is the case, why change back to March?

    Plus, 1st person who suggested changing to March isn’t the person going on both Feb and March. He can’t even cycle!

    Then why should he have a say in all these?

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