All for that piece of paper

School started for 2 weeks already and the 1st assignment is due this coming Thursday. Stupid. So fast got assignment liao. No mood to do assignment. In fact, no mood to study. Can’t seem to find the motivation.

Sometimes I wonder why am I studying. I don’t see myself learning anything that can be useful at work or can apply in outside world. I am studying IT. But I find myself studying modules that are too indepth into the topic until there is no real life application for it.

In fact, I was beginning to feel this since my poly final year. I personally feel that you just need to learn the basic of programming. The if else, the loop and function call. Rest of them are easy to pick up. There is no need for these chim chim theory. Most likely you don’t need them in your workplace. Even if you need them, they can be easily picked up by looking up the net or manuals.

I’m not learning anything useful. I’m just chasing that piece of paper. For what? A better pay? A better job? A better life?

Why should the salary of a person be judged by the qualifications? If a Diploma can out perform a Degree holder, why should his pay be lower?


  1. Man, of all things to study, don’t ever study IT. It’s like throwing money into a black hole. 18 months later, what you studied is obsolete. Then the cycle continues.

  2. Its not the theory but rather your analytical mind that you are training on. Those tough questions may not be applicable in reality but they make you think and analyse. Thats the most important thing.

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