Melty Kiss

When somebody told you that she found the last box of that limited edition chocolate in a store and bought it for you, the 1st thing you want to do is to meet her ASAP.

These are no ordinary chocolates.

They are limited edition chocolates made by Meiji, and only sold during winter season.

Why only winter?

Ask any Japanese person why Melty Kiss is only sold in Winter and the answer will be alarmingly uniform. It is commonly believed that Melty Kiss would, well, melt during any other season but Winter and Japanese people will tell you this with a kind of wide-eyed madman’s stare that lets you know of their absolute conviction.


I had my 1st box of melty kiss during X-mas. It was also from Z. I soon become addicted to it. But somehow, I just couldn’t find it in the stores anymore. Still pondering if I should order from this online website. Do they send to Singapore? And 1 box cost US$3.50 (excludes shipping). WOW.. that is expensive.

Anyway, Z saw a box in a ulu store at Dover MRT and bought it for me. How I wish I could rush down to her home now to get the chocolates.

Here the problem. Z is having her exams and I have my assignment to do. The earliest date she can meet is on wednesday night after her paper. But I need to do my assignment.

Solutions? Take leave on Wednesday to do assignment then meet her at night. HAHAHAHA….. I’ll do anything for the things I crave.

Now that I’ve settle my Melty Kiss craving, got to think about how to settle my Cheesecake cafe cravings. And recently revisited “Kenny Rogers” cravings.

And they were saying only pregnant woman have cravings???


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