One stone, two birds

Met Z after her exams to collect my Melty Kiss. Thanks a lot!!

The box abit dented, but still alright. After all, its the last box. I think this is going to be the last box I’ll ever get to eat until winter season. Doubt there is anymore stores out there that have leftovers.

We went Fishermen’s Wharf for dinner. Saw a review about this place here, so decided to try it out. I told you all that these food blogs are evil. Luckily for me, I went jogging in the late afternoon. Z didn’t do any exercise again. Hahahaha…..

The place is big and empty. Maybe because it is weekday and we reach there at 9pm. Something seems to be missing. The place is too quiet. Too too quiet. They did not play any music or anything. Something seems not quite right.

The fish and chips are quite good. Esp the chips. Can really taste the potato. But sad to say, Handle Bar’s fish and chips still taste better. Handle Bar is still my “Best Fish and Chips” place in Singapore. Should go there again sometime. **Handle Bar Fish and Chips craving on**

The Fish and Chips serving is also quite small. Or maybe its normal serving, but I’m feeling very hungry today. Didn’t eat much for the whole day. So I suggested going to Siglap Cheesecake Cafe. 😀

Been a long time since I last went cheesecake cafe. The peach with jelly cheesecake still taste as good as before. Best cheesecake in Singapore.

Tonight really One Stone, Two Birds. Got my melty kiss and cheesecake. If only got go Kenny Rogers for dinner. Or Handle Bar also can. aaahhh…. 2 cravings down, 1 new craving come in.


  1. Woah~ U all went somewhere new!!! That’s like… wonderful breakthru.

    But end up at siglap… abit minus points.

    But a new place for dinner! WOw!

  2. Shan: I got everytime bring u to cheesecake cafe meh? I don’t even remember bringing u there before leh. 😛

    HJ: Eh alo… You went ur friend wedding dinner last night hor. Else we would had gone for prata liao!

  3. never bring me before, doesn’t me u hardly go right?
    u are always there~
    Just admit it, ur life with food revolves around that selected places.


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