Punished by heaven

Everyone is talking about this now.

She is not only the top search item in search engine. The top 5 search item are all about her!!

This is crap. Real crap. I look at my blog tracker, and discovered that there is a jump in number of people who came to my blog via search engine. I didn’t mention her name in my blog at all. They came to my blog after searching for these keyword.

Get a life guys. Get a life.
And if you notice, I purposely didn’t mention those “keyword” here. I don’t want such traffic. I hope other blogger will not make use of the current situation to gain popularity.

Its not good to do evil stuff. Heaven will punish 1.
Was having a conversation with T today while walking out for lunch.

T: Eh, you have that video or not?
Me: Why everyone thinks I have that video?
T: Because you resourceful mah.
Me: Even if I have, I also don’t want to spread it.
T: Why like that?
Me: Wait ganna punish by heaven.
T: Someone emailed me the picture today leh. Just want to see the video clip. Send to me lah.

All of a sudden, it started to rain. And we are in the middle of nowhere with no umbrella or shelter.
Told you will ganna punished by heaven liao. Don’t believe me. Wah ciao!!!


  1. Not counted lah. Where got people jogging?

    Last sem, I also always go swimming before going for lessons. Haha..

    Eh.. Rain only? No lightning?

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