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I enjoyed looking at my webstats4U and extreme tracking. Its always nice to see how many visitors are there. Which country they come from. Which ISP they using. How they come to my page. etc etc etc…..

Recently, I have this new hobby of looking at what keyword do people search in search engine to come to my site.

As all of you know, the T gal from N school is rather hot in all search engine lately. She is still the top search for item in Technorati. I did not mention the T word nor the N word. In fact, you can see that I purposely avoided those words because it will generate tons of unwanted traffic. All I did was merely mention the device that she lost and the file that is spreading on the internet, and I got at least 11 hits from some desperate losers who are searching for the file. Bloody hell! Get a life lah! (now I have to avoid typing that device name and file name to avoid those idiots)

Ok, other than the T gal from N school, I also got 4 hits from people searching for the vertical marathon. I’m still thinking if I should take up the challenge. Hmmm…. Maybe not.

Someone searched for ‘the decay of dk” and bump into my blog. Hmmm…. I also wonder how would I decay 1 day when I die. Wonder if he got the answer.

But the most interesting search item is this. “Starz + DK + universal”.
What is the person searching for?
Starz? Me? universal? huh?

Why would someone wanna search for this?
Search me….

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