The IPPT Bet


I’ll be taking my IPPT tomorrow.

This is the 1st time I’m taking my IPPT voluntarily at those allocated IPPT test centre. In the past, I’ll try not to take IPPT if possible. But as a NSF, you need to pass IPPT every work year. I take IPPT only when necessary (ie Officer/CSM/Sgt say take, then take). After I ORD, I always take my IPPT during ICT. No need trouble myself go book IPPT. See, my reservist unit take good care of me.

But I book for IPPT this time because I think I can pass. After 2 month of RT at Maju camp and 2 months of self training, I finally break my 0 chinup record and managed to struggle 7 chinups. I just need 5 to pass.

It has been 3 years since I last pass my IPPT. And to think that my physical fitness was quite good back in NSF times. My IPPT results were so good that I ALMOST got a Gold award. Missed by 2 chin ups.

You see, chinups has always been my killer station. I can run, I can jump and I can endure. I just don’t have enough upper body strength.

LH heard that I’m taking IPPT tomorrow and issued me a challenge.

LH: Your last IPPT is when?
Me: Dec last year.
LH: How many chinup did u do?
Me: 0
LH: You how heavy?
Me: 78kg.
LH: I confirm you this time still fail ur chinup.
Me: I’ve been training lately leh. (show blisters on hand)
LH: I’ve been IPPT conducting officer so many years already, never seen someone like your case will pass.

So he bet with me that I would fail my chinup station. If I pass, he will treat me 10 cups of kopi. If I lose, I have to treat him 30 cups of kopi. (Odds 1 is to 3)

I will win this time.



    You will definitely pass your IPPT! Haha…

    That LH is an ass and he’s gonna lose the bet. Haha.. Why kopi?!

    Caffeine’s no good. =D

    Jia you ah, DK!

  2. StephieD: I think LH is trying to use “Ji Jiang Fa” to make me fight for better results during my IPPT.

    Either that or he is trying his luck to have 1 month of kopi supplies free. Hahaha…..

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