No Count * 4


Me: **pull up once**
PTI: 1
Me: **pull up again**
PTI: No Count
Me: ?????
Me: **pull up again**
PTI: No Count. Straighten your elbow
Me: *Straighten elbow, pull up again**
PTI: No Count. Straighten elbow.
Me: ????? (Like that still not straight enough?)
Me: **Straighten more. pull up again**
PTI: No Count no count. Your elbow not straight.
Me: **release ALL the way, then pull up again**
PTI: 2

By then, I have no strength already. So I came down from the chinup bar.

Must be as straight as a ruler meh? Nvm…. I try again.

Me: Can try again?
PTI: No. 1 try only. Next.

Bloody hell.

I can understand if you say my elbow not as straight as your ruler. But why cannot try again? I’m already no strength already. I doubt I can even pass with the 2nd try. But BLOODY HELL, not even a 2nd try?

Already feeling very shitty that I fail my Chin Up. Feeling worst that they don’t even give me a chance to attempt it again. Bloody hell.

Anyway, doubt I can pass even with a 2nd try. Whatever…..

Owe LH 30 cup of kopi. (30 * $0.50 = $15)
Starz owe me 1 Handle Bar Fish n Chips ($14)
Total lost $1……. and motivations, ego, morale, confidence and faith….

Feeling shitty now…..


  1. Kopi still have 50 cents one? Where? nice or not? 😀

    Most importantly, Don’t be disappointed.. This time cannot… try next time 😉 But before you try next time, remember to train up! 😀 Jia you!

  2. Those PT guys dont give a flying care about whether you pass or not, most of them are just so engrossed in following the rules.

    Straighten your arms!
    Straighten your arms!
    No count, no count!

    I hate those air heads whenever we are in reservists seeing them counting pull up (I think they can make a great career out of counting. hah!)

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