Another reason why I prefer coffee bean over starbucks

I think I mentioned a couple of times that I prefer coffee bean over starbucks. Firstly, Coffee Bean’s drinks taste better. Their cakes taste better too. Their Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli is great. And they got a customer loyalty reward card too.

Don’t really like Starbucks much. The only good thing is that they have Singnet WIFI. Their cafe mocha taste not bad. But most of their drinks are too sweet. Still prefer coffee bean. Well, Starbucks gave me another reason to choose coffee bean today.

Wanted to blog at Raffles City Starbucks today. But shortly after posting the first entry of the day, my peace was being disturbed by a group of workers carrying out renovation works. Renovation works during operating hours!!! What the heck?

It is still 11pm. The store closes at 12midnite. And the workers are moving the equipments and started drilling and hammering. There is even 1 worker climbing up a ladder to paint the celling while customer are just few feets away, drinking their coffee. And the drilling and hammering sound is driving me crazy.

What kind of crap is this? Even the neighborhood kopitiam don’t do renovation when customers are around. I can’t believe this is happening at Starbucks.

Since I lost the mood to drink coffee and blog, I decided to write an email to the Starbucks customer service telling them what happen and asking them if such service is acceptable. I even attached a photo and a sound file to let them know how messy the whole place was.

Wasn’t expecting much from them anyway. Maybe just see see what PR email reply will they send me. After all, my evening is already ruined. My blogging mood is gone. The coffee taste horrible. The sofa seat not comfortable.

I still prefer coffee bean.


  1. They stopped using the pink card and switched over to the Coffee Bean Card

    Its like a cash card. It gives you extra 10% value on every top ups. For example: When you top up $20, they will give you extra $2 value. And you can even earn points to exchange for retails items.

    I feel that it is much better than their pink card. 🙂

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