Chin-up Bar Withdrawal Syndrome (CBWS)

I think I’m having Chin-up Bar Withdrawal Syndrome (CBWS).

It has been 2 days since I fail my chin-up during my IPPT. I haven’t mount the bar since then. Ever since I’ve installed the chin-up bar, I’ve been doing chin-up whenever possible. I use the chin-up bar everyday.

The chin-up bar is at my room door. So whenever I pass by it, I’ll try to do at least one or two chin-up.

But now, after failing my chin-up, i got no mood to do anymore. I’ve been training for IPPT since Nov 05 when I went for RT. At the end of phrase 2 RT, I still fail my chin-up. I didn’t give up. I bought a chin-up bar to train at home. I trained for 2 months until I finally feel that I could have passed my IPPT. Only to find out that all the training I had was wrong. My elbow wasn’t straight enough.

But how straight was straight anyway? Is there a standard angle that my elbow must be? My elbow may not be fully straighten, but also not ridiculously bent. I went down quite far before going back up. I roughly estimate it to be at 170 degrees angle. Is that not allowed? Must it be 180 degrees flat?

This is crap. I’ve been training so much over the past 2 months. If you touch my hands now, you can feel those harden blisters. And they have all gone to waste.

I’m staring at that chin-up bar. Really lost the motivations to mount the bar again. I’ve failed IPPT many times before. But never had I been so depressed over the results. This is the 1st time I’ve trained so hard for IPPT ever since ORD. Yet this is the kind of results I get.

I’ve lost faith in everything. Feel like surrendering. Feel like giving up.

Maybe I’ll just use the chin-up bar as clothles hanger from now on.

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