Email titled DK

Sometimes, I just simply love my director.
He send out this email few days back.

Email Title: DK
To: *The sub-teamlead of T team*
cc: Me, *my sub-teamlead*, *colleague SC*, *my teamlead*
DK will be assisted you to support *blah blah blah stuff* with immediate effect. Thks

(Replace my nick “DK” with my actual name)

I emailed my sub teamlead and ask him what is this about. He say he has no idea.
Then I ask SC if she knows what is it about, she also don’t know. She don’t even know why is she in the loop.
My Teamlead is on leave.

So I guess the only person who knows what exactly is happening would be the sub-teamlead of T team. But he is away for meeting.
Few hours later, when he came back from meeting, I ask him if he knows what is happening. HE ALSO DON’T KNOW.

I guess only person who knows is my director then.

Anyway, we later found out that there is going to be a re-org. Not just the team or the dept. The whole company is going to have a big big re-org. I’ll talk more about this re-org thing next time.

All I can say is, I’m going to handover the things that I’ve been doing for the past few years and pick up something new. I don’t know if I’m going to like this arrangement. We’ll see how…..

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