Clearing leave….

I don’t know about other countries, but clearing leave seems to be a trend in Singapore workplace. Are we really that busy until we don’t have time to take leave? And we are forced to take leave because HR regulations say we cannot bring forward too many unused leave? I wonder if this is just happening to Singapore or is it a common thing around the world.

Anyway, I’m clearing leave today.
And half day leave on Wednesday.
And another 1 day leave on Thursday.
Friday is teambuilding day for my company.

Which means, I’ll be working 1 1/2 days this week.

Now… what should I do while I’m on leave?
Suddenly got a cravings for Sakae Sushi Buffet. But nobody else willing to take 1/2 day for this madness reason. Come on, you don’t take leave now, you’ll end up like me being forced to take leave and have nothing to do at home.

Don’t waste your leave…. Sakae Sushi Buffet is calling you…..

Oh ya, I always thought that The Election Dept is the only one that fail their Geography. Sakae Sushi also fail.

Lot 1 and Westmall Sakae Sushi is somewhere in the Live Firing Area? Wow.. those army guys can go during exercise leh.


  1. I’m working in Australia. No silly regulations about being allowed to bring forward only a certain number of leave days across a calender year. I can bring my whole year’s entitlement to next year if i so want, which is what I did for the last 2 years. My accumulated leave right now is 40 days and rising !!

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