The Starbucks reply

Remember the complaint letter I wrote to Starbucks?

I got a reply from their operation service manager. The reply was fast. I send the letter to them on Friday night, they replied me on Monday morning. (I assume that they don’t work on weekends)

Well, the reply was more or less the standard customer service reply. I suppose they teach such reply in business school. But then, when a customer complaint about your company, there is really nothing much you can do but to agree with the customer, say sorry and let the customer know that actions has been taken to prevent such incident from happening again. I suppose that is the only right thing to do. And I’m glad they did just that.

Well, maybe they got me on my moody day. I flank my IPPT test the night before and was looking for a sanctuary. And there they are hammering and drilling while I’m drinking that too-sweet-for-my-prefrence mocha ice blended. Of cause I buay song and write a letter to their customer service. If they do that to me on a better day, I might just walk out of the stall with my drink and ignore them.

Well…. just their luck.

The operation service manager also offered a service recovery and left me his contact number. It’s nice of them to do that. But then, seriously, I don’t need it. I’m still thinking how to write the email to reject their kind offer.

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  1. Hey DK, at least you get a reply. 🙂

    I wrote to Creative before and boy think the email went straight to the thrash box.

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