1/2 day at work

I don’t like to take 1/2 day leave. I never applied for 1/2 day leave before except once when I overslept until 10am.
End up I have to take 1/2 day leave. As a result, I got another 1/2 day leave for me to clear.

So I choose to take 1/2 day afternoon leave today, since I’m on leave tomorrow and having teambuilding on Friday.

I hate working 1/2 day. You simply cannot accomplish anything. Since most of my on hand stuff will take at least 1 day to complete, I decided not to do anything at all.

So here is how I spend my morning.

8:30am: Suppose to start work, but I’m late for work. In fact, I’m still waiting for bus.
9:20am: Finally reach office, clear some emails.
9:30am: Went downstair for coffee break.
10am: Back from coffee. Check email. Got 1 small issue
10:10am: Issue solved. Surf net.
10:50am: Nothing much to surf cause SPUG is down. Email colleagues to chit chat.
11:15am: Teach a colleague some stuff. Almost puke blood.
11:30am: Back to surf net.
11:50am: Pack bag.
12pm: Leave office.

My boss will sack me if he sees this post. What a waste of time.
I’m glad I never need to work on Saturday.


  1. Better don’t let your boss see this post!!! Wow… u good life leh.. so you must be enjoying your Sakae Sushi buffet now!!! Urgggh… I just finish training and meeting and still stuck at office.

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