Been on holiday mood lately. Clearing my leave. Went back to work today but rot the whole day in office. Not much work done. Will be on 1/2 day leave tomorrow. I guess nothing much will be done too.

Oh ya, someone passing her job scope to me tomorrow morning. Damn… more SK (sai kang)


I wonder how many of my friends are reading my blog now. Few weeks ago, I discovered that Reika have been reading my blog. And I finally got her blog address. Today, I discovered that Gina also has a blog and has linked to me.

Guys, can you all at least drop a note in my shoutbox to let me know that you have found my blog? At least I’ll be more careful and not say bad things about you.


Been MSN-ing H a lot lately. Went for a movie with her and 1 of her friend last sunday. Had a great time together. She knew I’m interested in her, but she told me not to harbour too much hope. I think she is afraid that I might misunderstood her actions and thought that she is also interested in me.

Well, I know we are still far away from there. We still don’t know each other well. But I’m just glad that I’m given the chance to know you better. And I really enjoyed myself on Sunday.

We won’t know what will happen in the future. Maybe in the end, I might not like you, or you might like me. We’ll never know. Whatever it is, I’m just happy that I get to know you in this life……

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  1. Life is like that… when you like someone… another someone else likes you… but it’s a different someone… cupid likes to play tricks sometimes… the waiting tires out the little minds and bodies of those yearning for love…

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