I still check my email while on leave

Just in case my boss is actually reading my blog and saw the previous posting about how I wasted my 1/2 day at work, I’ve decided to tell others the good things I do while on leave.

I do check my office email while on leave. Believe it or not. I was clearing my leave few weeks ago to do my assignment at home. I had my office email open. 2 of my colleagues are on MC, leaving nobody to do work when the China side mess up. As usual, China side mess up, and I have to email here and there to help them resolve the problem. Someone even emailed me and say he thought I’m on leave.

In fact, my office email is open on the other window now as I blog. Its great that the company invested in a good web based IMAP email software. It allows those no-life-employees-who-has-nothing-to-do-while-on-leave to check email.

I replied my boss’s email yesterday while surfing net at NYDC with a cup of hot manhattan mocha. Somehow, I feel that it was the best email I ever drafted. Its a relaxing place to reply email. If only I could have my office table at NYDC or coffee bean.

Oh ya, talking about office email, I just saw a stupid office newsletter today. The company is having a competition and ask us to nominate 3 out-side-standing staff. Their outstanding stories were posted in the intranet and we can vote to see who is the best employee blah blah blah. In short, it is a good chance to “pai ma pi” (bootlick). Esp when the nominated staff consist of 1 director and 2 managers.

And no price for guessing that the director is currently leading. I shall not join in this bootlicking competition. It is not my style. Besides, they not my direct boss, I lick also no use. Just sit back and see how other lick the boot.

Strange, how come the Junior Officer who always OT till late never get nominated? (I’m not refering to myself HOR)

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