Lack of focus

I really need to focus on my assignments.

This semester has been a tough one. There was a change in the study plan. Instead of a full year semester, they are reduced to 1/2 year. The lesson are pack more closely. The assignment due dates are closer to each other. Everything is jam packed. Sometimes, I need to breath.

Couldn’t get myself to sit down and do the assignment when I just submitted one assignment 2 weeks ago. And after this assignment which is due this coming thurs, there will be another 1 that will be due 1 week later.

The mind and the heart just simply refuse to focus. I couldn’t get myself to concentrate on the assignment. I spend most of my time trying to get myself to do the assignment than doing the assignment itself. My mind and heart just refuse to listen to me. They want to rest. They want to relax and take a break. They just refuse to study.

I really need to do something about it. I need to buck up. I scored 73marks for my previous assignment. I don’t want this assignment to drag the score down. I must focus.

I think I’m going SIM to do my assignment after work tomorrow.

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