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I switched to Singnet from Pacnet around 1 1/2 years ago because I’m sick and tired of the stupid Pacnet customer service. My 1 1/2 year with Singnet was fine. Until my contract with Singnet expired. I was on 1 1/2 yr contract with Singnet.

You see, when a customer’s contract expired, the company will try many methods to woo the customer to renew the contract. Singnet is no exception. They have some special rates and offer for customer renewing their contract. But still, their offer was not tempting enough. I decided not to renew the contract. BUT neither am I intending to cancel my account. I decided to remain contract-less until a good promo comes along.

So when you are on contract, Singnet will give you a special rate. I was on 1500kbps. The monthly subscription was $68. I was expecting the rates to revert to normal non-promo price. So I went to check Singnet website and was surprised that Singnet actually reduced the rates for 1500 broadband. The rate is now $58 per month. Cool…. I thought I’ll be getting the new rates at $58 per month. I was wrong. VERY WRONG.

When my first non-contract-term bill came, i got a rude shock. They charged my $80 per month!!! This must be a mistake. I re-check the web and confirmed. Promo price with contract is $43, usual price is $58. Where does the $80 come from? Even if I’m not eligible for the $58, they should be charging me $68 mah.

So I called up the customer service today and got the answer.
$80 was the usual price when I sign up with Singnet. So when my contract is over, I’ll resume the usual price when I sign up, not the current usual price.

And I ask the customer service 1 question which she has no answer for me.
“Is this the way Singnet retain loyal customer?”

There was a dead silent…. for at least 5sec……

Anyway, I see no point finding trouble for the poor customer service officer. After all, she is not the person who comes out with such “loyalty schemes”. Whoever come out with these schemes should be shot in the head.

So I renewed my contract, and managed to get them to make adjustment to my bills so that I’ll be paying $68 for those non-contract terms.

I’m on another 12 month contract with Singnet. But its not a happy renewing process. I feel like I was being forced into a new contract. Never have I seen a company increase the charges just because the customer is staying on but doesn’t want to renew the contract. I could had cancelled my account and switch over to Starhub. But I didn’t do it because of the hassle.

I renewed my contract with Singnet today. But I’m not a happy customer, not anymore.


  1. errr… did you check out this one?

    We just signed up another 12 months after ours expired last month.
    We are now paying S$38/mth for 1500 kps.

    Was waiting for a good offering in the IT Show but saw none at all and was about to leave it as it is.
    We didnt get any calls or emails from Singnet about recontracting at all .. worse.

    Anyway, I gave a call on monday (2 days ago) and asked if there be any other promotions coming up so the customer officer directed me to that link. Logged in and found S$38/mth for 1500kps. It is a leap for us since we were on 512kps for the past 2 years contract paying S$48/mth. So immediately just jumped on it!

  2. Ya, that the plan I’m getting now. $38 per mth.

    The problem is, it feels like they forcing me to renew, and not I renewed on my own will.

    Kinda crappy. Esp when you see your bill is $80 per mth just because you are not on contract.

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