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Please excuse me while I rant abit a bout work.
The auditors are coming. I was being arrowed the ISO coordinator and have to go thru all the stupid documentations to check if they are viewable to the auditors.

WARNING: This blog is not ISO certified.

Let me post you this question. If a company is not ISO certified, would you still use their service/products? I’m sure the hawkers at the food centre are not ISO certified. Same goes to the person who sells you fish and vegetable at the market. Do you avoid buying things from them just because they are not ISO certified? Look for a product that you are using which the company is ISO certified. Now, imagine if the company is not ISO certified, would you still buy their product? Do you see people checking if the company is ISO certified before making purchase? Not that I know of.

Imagine if the transport system like SMRT and SBS are not ISO certified. Would you still use their service?

So what the heck is ISO for? To tell others that we have a process for everything in our company? Yes, we have a process for everything. Every company has a process. Even the fishmonger has a process from getting fish from Jurong port to selling in the market. But do we need to be audited by the auditors every few years to proof that we have a process? Or to proof that our process is correct? We are the person at the ground. We know better which process works better and which doesn’t. Why do we need an auditor who knows nuts about our business to come in and audit our process and tell us what is right and what is wrong? If our process has a problem, the product itself will tell. There is no need for all the ISO and audit crap. They are just waste of time and resources. They are just things that increase the operating expenses which most companies will pass that cost to customer.

Its time we wake up from these ISO scam. Auditing process doesn’t do much. Look at NKF for example.

Why bother about ISO? Our company can simply throw away that ISO certificate and still have a competitive edge against our competitors. Consumers don’t look for ISO certificate. They look at our products, our pricing and our service. If we be our own police and ensure everything is going according to process, then why the heck do we still need to pay money to auditing firms to come in and check us? The savings can be passed down to customers. Isn’t that even better?

Are we trying to get ISO certified because it can really help improve the quality of our service/product? Or just simply because every respectable company out there also have one? If it is the latter, then why not everyone choose not to be ISO certified? Save the money and pass the savings to customer or employees.

If every CEO thinks like me, I think all the auditing firms can close shop already.

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