I met her thru one of the online forum. I remember we didn’t talk much in the beginning. I can’t remember when and why we started going out together. I don’t have the habit of meeting online friends in the past. All I know is, it was the beginning of a platonic friendship.

We had lots of fun while together. She just finished her diploma and is doing stage production. I was in the army, waiting for ORD. We had all the time in the world. We meet up pretty often. We would just laze around at Coffee Bean. Or go watch a performance. Or eat cheese prata at Simpang Bedok. It was pretty fun going out with her. I had lots of fun then.

Maybe you don’t believe in platonic friendship. But I do, because I’ve been in one before. A lot of our forum friends thought that we are a couple. But we are not and we knew that we can’t too. Although we are pretty close to each other, we knew that our ge xin is abit different and will sure crash head on if we were to be together. Anyway, there is no spark or chemical reaction. I think we are better of as friends.

As times goes by, we all have our stuff to do. I ORD from army and found a new job. She finished her stage production and found a full time job. We were both busy with our job and our personal life. We started to drift apart. We’ve lost contact.

Today is Rachel’s birthday. I sms-ed her and wished her happy birthday. But there was no reply. Could she had change her phone number? Where is she now? What is she working as? Is she still with her bf? Or has she found another guy? Or is she leading a carefree life? Maybe I’ll give her a call someday. I hope she haven’t changed her HP number yet.

If you are reading this, Happy Birthday gal.


  1. Yeah lor, just call to check.
    If not the right person, just google it..

    There is no running of almost anybody in this world. :p

  2. Aiyah… call her now… u never try, u never noe. At most the person who pick up will tell u “Ka Sa La” only mah…

    Never let go of any friendship…

  3. Harlo I’m RACHEL the gal whom DK is talking about! I lost my HP early last yr, den all my contacts r gone. Wat a BAD day! ANYWAY I managed to contact DK again!! HAHAHA… FRIENDS AGAIN!

  4. Haha… I guess nobody is reading this entry anymore.

    Anyway, nice to get in contact with you again. Must meet up some day. 😀

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