Breaking down…..

One more push and I think I’ll break down.

Auditors are coming. I’m the ISO coordinator. The documents are in a mess. Big mess. Not a single document pass the standard. And I have to clean up the whole mess.

I was being transfered to another sub-team due to some stupid management re-org. The things that I’m doing now are totally different from what I was doing. Everything seem so unfamilar.

School workload is very packed. Need to hand in 1 assignment every 2 week. Just submitted one. Another one coming. I’m going crazy.

Dad has been paranoid lately with the corridor lights. He keep complaining that the lights outside our house is dimmer than other and want me to call the town council. The lights are very fine. I even stood at the ground floor and look up, every light seem the same brightness. When I explain to him that the lights are alright, he face turn black and say if I don’t want to call, he will call. He just refuse to listen to me explaining that the light are perfectly fine. If it is not fine, how come nobody else complaint about it? Why is it my 2 sis, my bro-in-law and me didn’t find anything wrong with it? Will call town council tomorrow to try to explain to them a problem that does not exist.

T been pissing me off lately. He said I did something that make him angry. When I ask him what did I do wrong, he just don’t say a thing. Come on, if you don’t tell me what did I do wrong, how am I suppose to fix it? Take yesterday for example. He ask me a question. As I was busy with some stuff, I gave him a quick reply with checking. The answer was wrong. He didn’t tell me. All he did was to piss me off. Until few hours later then he finally told me that the answer I gave him was wrong. I don’t mind read. How would I know I did something wrong until you tell me what is wrong?

Grrrr……. One more push and I’ll break down……


  1. Pushy pushy… Push the red button and you will explode…?

    Cool down, relax and take a deep breathe… the world would look better after that…

  2. Nah, give u Jia jia Liang Teh~

    (scurried away and hides)

    Everyone has their bad periods.. it’ll soon be over.. so cheerup~

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